About Us

OceanView Wellness Centre is a collective of wellness professionals committed to providing you with an experience that refreshes your body, calms your mind and soothes your soul. By assessing your individual needs and putting your well-being first, we promise to give you the highest quality of care and expertise.

Located minutes from the world famous St. Peter’s Canal, OceanView Wellness opened in late 2018 and offers massage therapy, pregnancy massage, manual osteopathy, naturopathic services, nail care, haircare, and lashes.

Life is busy and in order to keep up with all the important roles in your life you need to take care of yourself. Let us help you get back to balance so that you can push the limits of your career, wrestle on the floor with your kids, or whatever it is that you love to do.

Our contact information can be found here.

Our hours:

Monday and Tuesday – 9am to 5pm
Wednesday and Thursday – 9am to 7pm
Friday – 9am to 2pm
Saturday – closed
Sunday – closed

Statutory holidays – closed

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